How I save Google Plus photo and videos to PC at once through google takeout befor it completely shut down

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🔗Orkut, Buzz, now it is time to say goodbye to Google + too

Google plus planned to shut down, how I take backup

Google announced that they are going to completely shut down google plus in April 2019. The content is available until April, then it will permanently delete. I have uploaded number photos and videos to google plus. Many of them now existed only in google plus account, I lost most of the backup images in my pc. How I download all this content to my pc at once (I am tired of saving individual file)

Take Google Plus backup though google takeout

Google plus user content is available until April 2019. Users can request a takeout to google, and download all content in google plus as an archive. The downloading of user backup of google plus is described below.

1. Log in and go to Google Account


google account

2. Click on "Data & Personalisation" tab

2 Data and personalisation


3. Click on "Download your data"

3. Download your data


4. Select the product that you want to take backup, here we want to take all google plus related content. Then select all google plus products, then click Next

5. select google plus product


5. In next window you can customize the archive format, size etc. then click on CREATE ARCHIVE

6. Create archive


6. The Download link will be sent to your email account, log in to email then download archived content using download link.

7. download link in email

7. if you have google plus pages then you have to repeat the process for each page after you log in to that page.


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