Tuesday, 2 July 2019

How to solve: Cant Complete SMS verification and registration of UPI app (Google pay) due to Class 0 message popup

class 0 message popup

Class 0 message popup during SMS verification and couldn’t register app

When I was trying to set up my Google pay account on android pie device, I was facing a difficult problem. During configuring google pay, there is a step to find and verify the bank account linked to my mobile number. In that step, the app sends a cryptic SMS to a specified number. Soon after mobile send this message a “class 0 message” window popup, then the google pay registration fails and showing the following message.

Bank account couldn’t be added – please don’t switch from Google Pay while registration taking place.

I didn’t intentionally switch from Google Pay; I think it is due to the Class 0 message popup. I tried to block the class 0 message by stopping message notification, but it didn’t work. How to solve this issue and successfully register the app.

Block Class 0 message popup for success full SMS verification of app

The following trick is not actually blocking the Class 0 message, but it works perfectly for registration of google pay. In this trick, we change the default SMS app from default to another third-party app (here we chose Jio4GVoice).

1. Install any third party SMS application

2. Go to settings > Apps & notifications > Default app and tap on SMS app. Or you can directly search the SMS app on “Search in Settings” window
change default sms app

3. Change the default SMS app to newly installed SMS app (here Jio). This new app won’t allow Class 0 message popup.

4. Now you can continue your SMS verification of Google Pay without any hindrance.
sucessfully  sms verify google pay


thanks a lot for sharing this solution ... really i was very much frustrated after trying my best to resume this app but all the time i was unsuccessful...

thanks a lot.... god bless you my friend... this worked really...

Just simply switch mobile data into 2g or 3g as this issue is with LTE (4g) thank me later

Thank you I have tried all solutions available on internet but no one works this is the ONLY Solution.Thank you again.

Thanks ankittt. This worked. I also not had to install any third party app for this.

Thanks ankittt. This worked. I also not had to install any third party app for this.

Thanks God!!! Mind boggling solution.

Can somebody suggest any solution to this issue for an IOS

you can also do this by following procedure since aforesaid option was not avaialbe in andriod 12 and above please follow this step and issue will be sorted out.. i have spent more than 30 sms from my prepaid mobile and ultimately got this :

Open your Setting from top

then go to Apps

then go to Permissions

in Permissions you again have to go Permissions

Then at the end you will get option of SMS

in that you will see the icon of Messages click on that

Then change the setting to Don't allow

and thats it.... this will block you app from changing and your gpay bank account will be successfully activated...