How to stop “CP Client” Notification in mobile phone?

CP client notification problem

I keep getting a weird “CP Client” notification on my new mobile phone (Nokia) which runs on the latest android pie. The notification shows that and “New provisioning message”. When I tap on it, the following message appears “New provisioning” “Do you want to apply new configuration?” this message shows three option “POSTPONE”, DELETE”, and “OK”. When I select “OK” an error message appears saying “Incorrect PIN”. As far I know there is no settings change in my device. I also tried other option when it appears, nothing happened. This is really annoying, looks like dump message. What is this CP client notification? How I can get rid of this notification?

What is “CP Client” notification that appearing in my mobile device?

CP client notification

CP client is basically an OTA (over the air) provisioning. This device management technology allows authorized third parties (enterprises, network operators etc.) to configure and manage device remotely. This includes provisioning of network settings, remotely updating the device, etc.

How stop “CP Client” Notification?

If the CP Client really annoying you here the simplest way to stop this notification. Watch following video for quick understanding.

1. Go to mobile Settings > Apps & notifications


go to setting all applications

2. Tap on See all __ apps


view all apps

3. Tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner. And then select Show system. Once you did that list all application including system application will be visible under All apps


show system apps

4. Find CP Client and tap on it. It will shows app info.

cp client info

5. Click on the FORCE STOP. You will then asked the confirmation of force stop. Select OK.

force stop CP Client

CP Client notification is successfully stopped. However, it will not show until next rebooting of device. If you reboot the device then you have to force to stop CP Client again


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  1. Always shown ads , games ang while watching video it will shown clear monitor only

  2. The problem reoccurs when I restart the phone.

  3. When I press the ok button of provisioning message of CP client it doesn't ask any pin number. What will happen by this activity. Whether the phone will be hacked??