Saturday, 17 August 2019

What Is The Difference Between Inverter Mode, UPS Mode, W-UPS Mode? How It Affect My Home Appliances?

inverter backpanal

My home inverter has a switch to select between inverter mode and Ups mode. What is the difference between these two? How it affects my power consumption?

Modern home inverter comes along with these selection switch. Both modes are to provide backup electricity. In UPS mode, in case of power cut, it immediately switches over. Means that the time delay to switch is negligible. While in inverter mode, it takes microseconds to switch over and supply the power.

In the new inverter models, there is selection switch showing UPS, and W-UPS (Wide UPS mode). Here UPS mode work in the voltage range of 180-260V. W-UPS operates at the voltage range of 100-300V. Similar to inverter mode the W-UPS mode (they are same!) also delays for microseconds to switch over in case of power cut.

Both inverter mode and W-UPS mode delay for microseconds, so inverter is running in these mode cause restarting of your Desktop Computer and other sensitive electronic device. For uninterrupted working of PC and other home appliances, one should choose the UPS mode, since there is virtually no delay to power supply. In Inverter mode the backup power consumes only when real power cut happens, but in UPS mode even drop in voltage triggers supply of electricity from backup which may lead to low/ no power backup at real power cut.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

How to solve: Cant Complete SMS verification and registration of UPI app (Google pay) due to Class 0 message popup

class 0 message popup

Class 0 message popup during SMS verification and couldn’t register app

When I was trying to set up my Google pay account on android pie device, I was facing a difficult problem. During configuring google pay, there is a step to find and verify the bank account linked to my mobile number. In that step, the app sends a cryptic SMS to a specified number. Soon after mobile send this message a “class 0 message” window popup, then the google pay registration fails and showing the following message.

Monday, 11 March 2019

How to use android mobile as wireless microphone for your computer?

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I know these days very few people use a microphone with their computer. Imagine now you want a microphone for your pc for a temporary, or few hours ( example for voice diction software) and you don’t want to spend any bucks for it, then here is the solution for you guys (if you don’t care about quality). The app called WO Mic will help you in this situation. WO mic simple and powerful application I came across. Here we discuss how to configure WO mic app.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

GPS not working in android mobile, How to solve?

gps problem

How to solve GPS issues (stopped working) on an android mobile phone?

I am using an android device which runs on the latest Android. While I am on travel my GPS suddenly stop working. I tried to again after my mobile rebooting. Google map couldn’t recognize my live location. I download some other GPS satellite viewer app from google play store. None of them recognizing any GPS signal (including another navigation signal like GLONASS). I thought the issue with my GPS receiver until find out the following solution. When you depend on your mobile so much, I know this will be a nightmare you may face in your weekend.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

How I save Google Plus photo and videos to PC at once through google takeout befor it completely shut down

google plus

🔗Orkut, Buzz, now it is time to say goodbye to Google + too

Google plus planned to shut down, how I take backup

Google announced that they are going to completely shut down google plus in April 2019. The content is available until April, then it will permanently delete. I have uploaded number photos and videos to google plus. Many of them now existed only in google plus account, I lost most of the backup images in my pc. How I download all this content to my pc at once (I am tired of saving individual file)

Orkut, Buzz, now it is time to say goodbye to Google + too

Google plus

You may remember the so called social network Orkut, For Brazilian and Indian, Orkut may be their first social network. Then Facebook get popularity in these country and completely uproot the Orkut. Eventually Orkut go into shades, users didn’t even bother to check Orkut status, and people completely forget it. In 2014 people once again login to Orkut, but this time they do it so after google announce the termination of Orkut. People want to look at the Orkut for one last time, that’s it.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Solved - I can’t request payout on squadhelp. Squadhelp Request Payout button not working

Request payout squad help

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Why I cant click on squadhelp payout button?

It is the one of the main problems with squadhelp payout request. When you click “Request Payout” [this button appear once you have enough earning] button on the dashboard, a popup window will appear. This window shows to which PayPal account the payment is being to send. Unfortunately “Request Payout” button on this popup window will not work. Nothing will happen when you click that button. When I face this problem for the first time, I literally tried all available web browser I can find. The result will be the same, the “Request Payout” button is not clickable. Then I find out a simple way to make that button clickable. I am not sure this would work again until I face the problem again and successfully try the old trick again. Now I am sure this will work 100%.