What Is The Difference Between Inverter Mode, UPS Mode, W-UPS Mode? How It Affect My Home Appliances?

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My home inverter has a switch to select between inverter mode and Ups mode. What is the difference between these two? How it affects my power consumption?

Modern home inverter comes along with these selection switch. Both modes are to provide backup electricity. In UPS mode, in case of power cut, it immediately switches over. Means that the time delay to switch is negligible. While in inverter mode, it takes microseconds to switch over and supply the power.

In the new inverter models, there is selection switch showing UPS, and W-UPS (Wide UPS mode). Here UPS mode work in the voltage range of 180-260V. W-UPS operates at the voltage range of 100-300V. Similar to inverter mode the W-UPS mode (they are same!) also delays for microseconds to switch over in case of power cut.

Both inverter mode and W-UPS mode delay for microseconds, so inverter is running in these mode cause restarting of your Desktop Computer and other sensitive electronic device. For uninterrupted working of PC and other home appliances, one should choose the UPS mode, since there is virtually no delay to power supply. In Inverter mode the backup power consumes only when real power cut happens, but in UPS mode even drop in voltage triggers supply of electricity from backup which may lead to low/ no power backup at real power cut.

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    I want to set my inverter in such a way that the devices on it will only come on when there is no power. When there is power, tbey remain off.