How To Crack Wifi Password In Windows Aircrack-ng Using 4 Way Handshake Capature File

aircrak windows

First, you need to get a 4way handshake from the device to find out the wifi password. The procedure for saving a 4-way handshake using CommView for wifi is explained in another post.

Watch the following video

1. Download and extract aircrack-ng


2. Go to the ‘bin‘ folder and open aircrack-ng Gui

open aircrack-ng gui

3. Choose capture file (4way handshake cap file)

add capture file and dictionary

4. Here we are trying to find out the WPA password. So select WPA

5. Now select the dictionary file. It is actually a list of possible password. You can crack the WPA password only if the password is in this dictionary. The bigger the dictionary higher the chance to break the WPA password. You can download popular dictionary file from the internet.

Here my password is ‘superonion’ and this word is available in this dictionary file

6. Click on Advanced options
Here specify the ESSID (wifi name). Please note, it is case sensitive

Leave BSSID. We will fill it in later. Click Launch

7. From the new window, note the BSSID for which handshake is available.

aircrack add essid

8. Fill this BSSID aircrack-ng GUI. Then launch again

aircrack testing passwords

9. This time aircrack will start to check the word available in your dictionary against captured 4way handshake.

Aircrack-ng password found

Here aircrack successfully find out our password ‘superonion’

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