Is Squadhelp legitimate website for participating contest and earn?

squadhelp review

Quick review: In my experience, is safe and legitimate

Nowadays everyone aware of the scam; even though they fell in traps of spammers and spammers So people should take an extra care when they do things online, especially when they introduced to new services.

Is Squadhelp legitimate or scam?

Here is my experience with Squadhelp. I created Squadhelp account at early stage of its service (around 2013). I tried almost every contest for a while. Finally, I win a contest. In order to withdraw money I created a Paypal account and submit a withdraw request. But my request stays as “pending” for a month, so I think they are scammers and eventually, I forget about the Squadhelp account.

Did Squadhelp really pay money to contest winner?

A months ago I was noticed one of the old email from Squadhelp, that lead me to sign in their platform (website completely updated to new look!). I saw that old prize amount in my profile. So decided to give a try. I contact their customer care, they give me a guidance on how withdraw my money? They also tell me in order to withdraw I have to send a verification document and W-BEN form. I did exactly what they told me to do. While regularly check my payment status, I submitted some entry to open contests (I tried my best even though this time I do it for fun).

After a month the payment is still “pending”. So I have decided to contact Squadhelp team for one last time. In a live chat, they told me that there is no problem with my account and they will contact their accounting section immediately. I don’t what magic happened, within 1 hour they transfer money to my Paypal.

The real magic happened two days later, I received an email form Squadhelp, stating that I won a contest that I participated a months ago!

Squadhelp Payment Here is the proof.


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  1. they do pay to a certain degree but there are a lot of fake contests started by squadhelp to get you to enter names they can use for free while they dole the money out to certain favoured people