Windows Media Creation Tool Running Problem Solved - "There was a problem running this tool"

Microsoft’s Media creation tool shows error message while trying to update my operating system.

media creation tool error message

I used media creation tool to update my windows 10 to fall creator version. Downloading of the new version of Windows 10 (fall creators update) works properly until I accidentally switch off the computer. After that incident, the media creation tool shows an error message ("There was a problem running this tool")  when I am trying to update my PC operating system.  How can I solve this issue?

We don’t know the exact solution to this issue, but somehow the following solution worked

1.  Delete following temporary folder from the primary local disk ( usually C drive)

delete temp mediacreation

Go to Local Disk (C:) – Enable Hidden items
Delete these folders

2. Run MediaCreationTool as administrator

media creation tool run as administrator

Right click on application – Choose Run as administrator

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