Does Googleweblight Disable Adsense On Website? How It Shows Ads?

normal website vs weblight websight

Google introduced googleweblight a faster and lighter way to load the website in a slow network. They do so by removing images, css codes and java scripts. Does googleweblight show adsense in my website? If yes, did they count the ads under my “Publisher ID” I am concerned about my AdSense revenue.

How Googleweblight shows Adsense? How they push ads inside the post?

Googleweblight disables all data consuming element in your website, including your ads. However, googleweblight will show ads on your website, but not according to your CSS. They push ads inside your website where the user get more satisfaction (current limit – 3 ads per page). Revenue will share as normal adsense.

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Ad network currently supported by googleweblight – Adsense, Sovrn, Zedo
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Check your how your website looks in googleweblight :[your_website_URL]

Check googleweblight FAQ about ads

about ads and revenue googlle weblight

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