How To Disable Your Call Is Being Recorded Announcement In Google Phone App During Call Recording?

I used Cubic call recorder for many. It works perfectly until the new android 10 updates. After that, it is challenging to record the phone call. Even though I managed record calls using cube record. Now it is impossible to me to use that app. However, the latest Google phone app allows users to record calls, even automatic call recording. But there is one problem. The phone app announces the message “This Call is Now Being Recorded” while making a call. Google say it is a privacy matter. But unfortunately, no one I know liked this announcement. It is actually annoying, even our conversation bridging to this issue. I want to disable this call is being recorded message. Is there an alternative to the Google phone app, or is there any way to disable the announcement?

Call recording using the third-party app is almost impossible in the latest android. But they made recording simple in Google Phone app. “This Call is Now Being Recorded” message announcement can be disabled easily in the phone app.

The announcement is not a pre-recorded audio. It is a text being read out load using text to speech service by google! To disable this announcement, all we need to do is interfere with the text-to-speech engine of google. Here we will show step by step tutorial to do so.

1. Go to Play store

2. Search and Install TTSLexx


3. Now got Text-to-speech settings


4. Change preferred engine to TTSLexx.


5. Then click OK.

From now on, you won’t hear that annoying “This Call is Now Being Recorded” message while recording a phone call.

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