How To Install Netspeedmonitor In Window 10, No Failure


[Solved] NetSpeedMonitor installation failed in windows latest version

NetSpeedMonitor is one of the most straightforward and quite helpful applications that shows the internet data transfer rate in Taskbar. It is compatible with old windows OS versions like XP, Vista, windows 7. But it is officially not available for windows 8 and above. But this famous software work well with windows 8 and above by doing some trick. So here is the step by step installation guide of NetSpeedMonitor.

NetSpeedMonitor installation Procedure in windows 10

1. Download NetSpeedMonitor. Link :

2. Install the NetSpeedMonitor. In latest windows OS, you may find an error message.

3. In that case, Go to Properties of the installer file



4. In the Compatibility window, tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”

5. In the dropdown menu, select “Previous version of Windows”. Then click OK

6.Now you can run this installer in windows latest OS

7. After installation, open NetSpeedMonitor
In case it is not automatically open, here is the location of program C:\Program Files\NetSpeedMonitor\nsmc.exe

netspeedmonitor enable disable

8. You can turn on and off NetSpeedMonitor by right-clicking in Taskbar> Tollbars>  NetSpeedMonitor

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