GPS not working in android mobile, How to solve?

gps problem

How to solve GPS issues (stopped working) on an android mobile phone?

I am using an android device which runs on the latest Android. While I am on travel my GPS suddenly stop working. I tried to again after my mobile rebooting. Google map couldn’t recognize my live location. I download some other GPS satellite viewer app from google play store. None of them recognizing any GPS signal (including another navigation signal like GLONASS). I thought the issue with my GPS receiver until find out the following solution. When you depend on your mobile so much, I know this will be a nightmare you may face in your weekend.

Solution to android GPS no signal

Most of the time, this is not caused by an issue with the GPS receiver. Then this issue can be solved by resetting application preference. You will not lose any data or any application in your device, it simply reset it that’s all.

1. Go to Setting> Systems> Advanced

settings android

2. Click on Reset option and tap on Reset app preferences

reset app preference android pie

3. Give confirmation by clicking on RESET APPS

Reset apps confirmation

Now launch Google maps, you will see that you’re GPS is working


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