ProWritingAid A Tool That Breaks Down Every Sentence You Wrote

prowritingaid online

There are many writing tools are available for a content writer. Some of them are offline others are online. Almost everyone uses windows word as their whiteboard. This kind of computer software helps in grammar, design, layout of written work. If you are familiar, the windows word can be used to further enhancement of writing. (Thesaurus, translate, Smart Lookup etc). The online tools include whitesmoke, Grammarly, ginger etc. these tools are specialized in the enhancement of writing by suggesting editing of certain parts of the document. Then there is the “ProWritingAid”, a tool that is totally different from others.

The uniqueness of ProWritingAid is that it checks a document from reader’s perspective rather than writer’s perspective. It breaks the document various level and checks the document in every possible way. It includes common tools such as grammar, writing style, plagiarism check (plagiarism check is very weak when compared to Grammarly). Other unique tools are readability scores, pacing, transition, sticky sentences etc.
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