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How to enable SSL or HTTPS for blogger custom domain

Google introduced free SSL for blogger website, but as on February 2018, it is limited to blogspot.com subdomains. When I tried to enable HTTPS on the custom domain a message appears “Warning: HTTPS is not available at the moment for custom domain blogs”.  I wish I could get an SSL certificate for my website. Is there any way to get free SSL for blogger custom domain?

The hidden option in blogger to get free SSL for custom domain - draft blogger

Even you are shown that warning message, here is the exclusive method to enable https for your custom domain


1. Go to blogger Settings of the website that you want to enable SSL

https option locked warning message custom domain blogger

2. In HTTPS you will be shown a warning message, and you couldn’t change HTTPS redirect option from there, it is locked. Now select the URL shown in Address bar (URL bar)
It will be similar to https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=XXXXXXXXXXX#basicsettings
3. Edit and go to the URL as shown below


edit url to draft blogger

4. in new draft blogger go to HTTPS availability option, it is now unlocked! Now you can select Yes option. Also select Yes in HTTPS redirect


https option unlocked for blogger custom domain

5. Wait for couple of minutes then enjoy free SSL

Your AdSense revenue may affected by enabling https. Ads won't get fully filled in your position, don’t worry it will be normal after few days.

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  1. Thanks you so much. An now I successfully activated https version on my site. apkBazaar