How To Solve: Damaged Headphone, One Speaker Is Louder Than The Other (Windows)

headphone volume level

Problem: One speaker is louder than the other one
My kid drops my headphone; now it shows some disturbance. The volume level of the left and right speaker are different (left one is louder than right one). I check the headphone with other audio gadgets, and it is confirmed that the problem is with headphone. Is there any option in windows (I am using window 10 operating system) to manage the volume of left and right speaker independently, so I can fix this problem temporarily until I get new headphone.

Solution: Change volume level of speaker independently
You can permanently fix the problem mentioned above (for some extent). All you have to do to balance the volume of left and right speaker separately. You can do same in regular speaker too.

1. Go to Sound
Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Sound
Right click on speaker icon at right bottom corner click “Playback devices
right click speaker icon playback devices

2. Right click on your playback device (headphone) and go to “Properties
right click device properties

3. Click “Levels” in the Speakers Properties menu
sound level

4. When you click on “Balance”, Balance window will appear
balance left and right speker

5. Now you can change volume level in left and right speakers separately. When you configure the volume level suited for you, click “OK

This solution is for regular guys who use the headphone just hear music or watch movie. If you concern sound quality like an audio engineer, we recommend you to buy a new headphone.

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