Can’t Pay Using Debit Card, Website Not Loading. How To Solve?

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Can’t pay using RuPay debit card. The browser is still loading

I have been using visa card for four years in my online purchasing. A month ago I got new RuPay debit card. But there is some issue when I using RuPay card. I tried to pay my BSNL telephone bill using new debit card, every time it fails. The same result is shown when I use to pay electricity bill, or in online purchasing (I tried both Amazon and Flipkart). The card works some times when pay using mobile apps, but it always fail when using PC. All things are fine until I hit enter after filling whole card details, browser keeps loading next page for unlimited time. Also I did not receive any OTP in mobile.

The problem is that your computer cannot reach the RuPay secure gateway. Some internet service provider shows that kind of issue. (Some website won't shows up while browsing try: can you reach it?)

You can solve this payment problem by changing your computer DNS to other public DNS. Here is how to change your DNS to Google DNS. Good luck

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