How Do I Return/Replace An Item On Amazon India (Send Item Back To Seller)


How to Return/ Replace an item purchased on amazon, and send it back to seller

First of all, not all item are eligible for returning or replacement (Software’s, Games, Health & Personal Care, Inner wear, etc.). Here is the step by step guide to return an item to Seller.
1. Login in to your amazon account
2. Click on Your Orders tab (Top-Right side) then select Your Orders
3. The new window open that shows the recently purchased item. Click on Return or replace items button of the item you want to return or replace


4. The next window shows the items included in the order. If you have more than one item in same order select item you desired to return (put a tick mark in the small box).
amazon _return_and_replace_reason

5. Now choose the reason for returning of item under “Why are you returning this?”. After that you can add some comments (it is optional, not necessary, you can leave it blank). Then click Continue button.
6. In next window, you are asked whether you need Refund or Replacement of item. Once you choose click Continue (If you paid by online method and choose Refund, last four of you debit/credit/account number will appear. Verify that before clicking continue)
7. Choose how you want to send the item back. You can edit “Dispatching from” address if you need. Then click Submit button (Note that some place are eligible for return pick-up by amazon)

8. In next window you have to click on Print label & instructions (if printer is not available you can print it later or send it to a friend)

9. Cut and place the printed label as instructed.

Place “Return Authorization Label” inside the return package.
Include “Packing slip” in your package, or you can handover this to the courier representative.
You must sign “Declaration Letter” and affix outside of the package.
Affix “Return mailing label” or address outside of the return package.

Now you ready to send the item back & wait for Refund/ Replacement.

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