How To Remove Windows Update Backup File To Save Memory

Windows 10 forced its user to update the system periodically. It will literally kill you if you have a slow internet connection or your Data pack is costly. Even if you block the automatic cumulative update for Windows, you cannot stay like that if you are concerned about the security of the computer. Windows regularly release security updates, and they release new virus and spyware definition for windows defender almost in every week. You have to update the system manually to experience more features of the windows.

Each time you update your system, an archive of files is downloaded into your hard disk. It will keep as the backup for future. Windows automatically delete temporary files that created during the update process. You can clear remaining temporary files manually or by using special tools like CCleaner. However, you cannot easily delete the windows update Backup files. Here is the way to delete those backup files to save memory.

Save memory by deleting unwanted windows update Backup files

1. Go to the Disk Clean-up app
Method 1: Search using Cortana > Select Drive C:


Alternatively, Method 2: Go to Local Disk C: or Primary Drive > Properties - click Disk Clean-UP


2. Now Disk-Cleanup scans for “system error memory dump” on the disk drive. It finally opens a window for disk cleanup. Click “Clean up system files” - Select Drive C:

Disk Cleanup windows 10
3. Disk clean-up tool again starts to scan for dump file, but this time it includes temporary installation and system update files. From the opened window select “Windows Update Cleanup” then click OK.
Disk Cleanup Windows update cleanup

4. It will ask you to delete a file permanently, then click Delete files. It will start cleaning the selected files.

Disk Cleanup deleting

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