How To Remove Browser Hijacker (Google Hijacked By Yahoo Search) Using Zemana Antimalware


My search engine is hijacked by Yahoo. A popup/ widget appears automatically when I try to search on google. Even keystroke is hijacked, and search is redirected to Yahoo search engine.

The first thing on my mind is to check the extension installed on the Chrome, none of the bad or unidentifiable extensions found! I then cleared all browsing data using CCleaner and then reset the Chrome to its initial default condition. Nope, that did not solve my problem. Next step is to uninstall and reinstall the browser, yes; I did that too. WTF Yahoo search is still annoying me.

Checked another browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge browser from windows, all of them infected in the same way. Then it is not a problem of the browser, but something big; the computer is infected. In this case, I have to check whether there is any unknown software is installed on my system. That is hard for a common user because it is hard to recognize even the publisher and extension of software that we used daily. Some software has sibling app along with them.

The best way is to scan the computer using antivirus and identify the file that causes a problem. Most of the antivirus software is unable to find these kinds of malware/adware problem. That is why I decided to try the antimalware software, adware cleaner, etc.


1. Download Zemana AntiMalware. To download a fully functional free trial, click here


Zemana antimalware download

2. Once you have downloaded, close all applications and install Zemana AntiMalware.

Zemana antimalware install


3. Once installed, open the software and select smart scan. Click Scan button
Wait…. It will take a while to complete the scanning.


4. Now the result will pop up, choose the action you want to take on the infected content. Then click Next button.

Zemana antimalware detected action

5. Done. Zemana antimalware successfully take action.

Zemana antimalware completed

6. Check the browser to know the problem is solved or not.


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